We are a team of highly skilled, experienced experts. We take great pride in our work. 

We have:​


  • A drive to understand your business and create customized, creative solutions for your organization's issues

  • A fresh perspective based on years of experience

  • Strength in transforming what appears to be chaotic into simple and systematic data, information, and processes

  • Extensive experience managing large projects in complex situations with many stakeholders

  • A commitment to tell clients what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear

  • Proven solutions that provide measured results

  • A partnership where we become a seamless part of your team


Each of our consultants specializes in a particular discipline including:


  • Management

  • Human resources

  • Integration of Teams

  • Business operations

  • Finance control

  • Systems and procedures

  • Reimbursement and coding

  • Revenue cycle analysis

  • Billing and collections

  • Staffing






Mkenz Management Solutions


Was established as a Texas base partnership with 2 principal partners, Dr Octavio Romero,  MBA, MHA, and DDS degree, with extensive experience in management, finance and accounting, business start up, integration of teams, business operations, and Dr. Tarek Aly MBA, DDS degree, brings in experience, human resources, marketing, advertising and communications, business operations, as we grow we are incorporating bright young professionals with Phenomenal new ideas:


Ana Fernanda Romero International Bussines, Consultant


Carly Aly MBA Dental Office Management, Consultant


Grace Saldana General Business Medical Office Management, Consultant


Juan Carlos Markez MD, Medical research, Consultant



Rodrigo Marquez Lawer Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions. Foreign Investment Market Financial. Project Finance, Real Estate, Consultant


Alejandra Velasco Actuary, Applied Statistics, Research Market, Consultant


Why choose us

When you work with us, you won’t get a consultant with lots of opinions and few practical solutions. You’ll get a partner who helps shift your thinking, build your team and strengthen your tools. Our style reflects our distinct way to work. 

A few words about us