Comprehensive training


 We equip you with all the tools and technical  training that you and your team need to  successfully sell or deliver goods or  services. 

With you every step of the way


Medical and Dental Fields:


Mkenz management consulting success modules are aimed towards maximizing each aspect of your practice in the various stages, from start up, developing a business plan, until the full operation of it, some examples:


Front office Module


Excelling Customer Service

Appointments Scheduling Systems and Guidelines (time needed, production goals, and convenience of the patient)

Financial Management:

(Evaluation of the day regarding completion of scheduled treatment, running on time, smooth patient flow, and meeting production goals of the practice.)

Arrangements, Insurance coverage, etc.

Incorporation of check lists


Back Office


Clinical Operations

Standard operation procedures


Four hands technic, Assisting anticipation, optimization, waste reduction

OSHA Regulations, forms, reports


Team building and Communication

Treatment notes (standard and special procedures)

Value creation





Financial Analysis

Budget Strategy and management

Treatment Planning

Case acceptance

Inventory and financial Control


We have several others module, and we can tailored them to your needs:

New practice set up

Increase Productivity 

Market Analysis etc.






Making your business more simple and competitive
Our services are based on our three core values:
We build successful solutions for your business, based on efficiency, innovation and clear understanding of your needs.
Because our services are as unique as your company, and because we're focused on your success.

We know your business is unique and that no two partner business models are the same.

Our Programs are designed to drive value for you, regardless of whether you want to sell, resell products, implementation of services or set up a business or practice.


We are committed to being easy to work with, and in a manner that best suits your business requirements.


Our goal is to help you grow and develop your business in line with your goals, even in times of changing markets and increasing competitive pressure.


General Business Modules examples:


Module 1 - Basic Accounting: How to interpret basic financial instruments to determine how well a business is doing. Understand how to analyze trends to assess the financial health of a company. Key financial terms and concepts 


Module  2 - Financial Management and Cost Analysis of Individual Projects Provide an understanding of costing individual projects to maximize profitability Identifying, analyzing and controlling various cost centers 


Module 3 - Fundamentals of Pricing and Break-Even Analysis etc.